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Girl in the mountans in the Lake District


I'm Meg.

Favourite Food: Veggie Curry

Guilty Pleasure:  Binge Watching Wild at Heart

Based in: Surrey

Favourite Disney Character:  Lady (Lady and the Tramp)

Podcast I love:  The Health Code

Daily Inspo Source:  People with a passion and a misson

Most loved Vacay Spots:  South Africa

scroll for my photography

Hey I'm Meg, and I am so excited to meet you! As with most photographers, I started photography as a hobby that I loved, but when I met Mindy (who I'm very lucky to call my mentor and friend) that changed very quickly. I was so eager to learn that it wasn't long before I was shooting weddings with Mindy and before I knew it I was photographing weddings alone and absorbing all the best parts of capturing someones wedding for them. I was hooked! 


I love that I get to capture all those wonderful memories from a newborns first days at home to wonderful weddings and everything in between. In my spare time you'll find me drinking herbal tea (I'm a sucker for fresh turmeric and lemon), snuggled on the sofa with my two doggies, going for long walks on the beach or jetting off to South Africa to photograph wildlife. 

Meg x

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