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3 Ways I started generating an income during Lockdown

So, we are in week 3 of Coronavirus Chaos, and currently it's looking never ending. It is time to start pivoting our lives and business' in lockdown.

We all seem to be going through a rollercoaster of emotions on a daily basis. Sometimes it feels like an exciting and creative time to get stuff done, other times we feel drained through a lack of schedule and then the times set in with the panic of finances. Especially for those of us that are Self Employed.

We have spent years building up something that we are super passionate about. Something that gives us purpose and a huge sense of pride. And then all of a sudden its all coming to a grounding halt, all at the drop of that one word from Boris 'Lockdown'


It doesn't have to all be doom and gloom at that this time. It also doesn't have to feel like one gigantic holiday (if you don't want it to).

Now is the perfect time to start new ideas, get creative and be resourceful.

As you can imagine, all of my income had stopped once everyone was told to stay at home. No weddings, no baby shoots and no brand shoots. I have HAD to think up new ways to generate some kind of income. Albeit it smaller than I'm used to, I have managed to create some new sources of income.

I believe there is something we can all do TODAY to start generating an income during lockdown.

3 Ways I started generating an income during Lockdown


This has become key in my business. Not only is it amazing to stay in touch with clients and suppliers but I have actually managed to start selling Photo Shoots Online. Interested? Check out last weeks blog on my new service 'Virtual Newborn Sessions'. This has been a real hit. People are not going to stop wanting pictures of their families. Find services that are still needed and find a way to deliver a service from your home.


Is there part of your service you can sell online? Merchandise, food, prints. I've seen some incredibly creative ideas in this area. Personally I dug out a load of photos of nature scenes that I have taken over the years and created a "store" tab on my website. I shared it on all my platforms and on the first night I woke up and had 5 orders on digital downloads of my images. Yay!


Is there anything else you can do to add a new line of business? Most of us have done more than 1 job and have experience in other areas. I am also a qualified Yoga Teacher but have never taught yoga as a business. Well now I have! I put the feelers out to see if anyone would be interested and to my surprise I had 4 people sign up to my first yoga class and make their payments within the first hour.

Not only are all these things helping bring in some money but they are also keeping me busy. I am hugely enjoying having to pivot my business. I miss photographing weddings, family and brand shoots BUT, I have focus and am working hard on getting my ducks in a row for when all this lifts.


Get our your notepad and pen and enjoy a period of starting that project you have always wanted to start. Re-train in something online. There is SO much amazing free online training on the internet at the moment.

Make the most of it!

If you have an idea and want to run it by me then I'd love to hear from you and support you in any way I can. This is a time to support and raise each other up!

Mindy x


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