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5 Top ways to use content intentionally on Instagram

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5 Top ways to use content intentionally on Instagram

Instagram has fast become the most important social media platform to be on for small businesses. Instagram is the main platform where new customers find me, and those customers always tend to be my ideal audience. This is because the work I share on my feed is work that I am passionate about and work that I want to get more of. Because of this it is a lot easier for me to talk about the content that I am sharing with purpose. I am able to target my ideal customer by using this content intentionally in order to connect with them.

Here are 5 simple steps to get you on the road to putting the right content out ASAP.

No more putting up content willy nilly just because you feel you have to put something up. Let's get started!!!

1. Plan out and schedule your Content to go out regularly

I used to post an instagram post every day with whatever I fancied at that time (or whatever looked nicest amongst my feed). This isn't necessarily wrong, but I have found a way to share