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7 Ways To Prepare For A Brand Shoot

So you may be thinking it's time to set up a brand shoot. But you might also be wondering where to actually start with the preparation for your shoot.

Let's go through my 7 ways you can prepare for the perfect brand shoot for you!!

1. Shoot Goals

So you may think that getting in contact with a photographer to discuss your brand shoot is the first step, but let's take it back a notch.

The first place I would start is actually defining the goal of your shoot. What do you want to get from it and what is it's purpose. Without this crucial first step, you won't quite know your direction and it's likely you won't get the outcome you are after either!

2. Visuals

Once those goals have been set, it's time to start collecting some visuals. Really think about what you want your brand to look like, how you want it t be portrayed. What conveys the right message to your audience? Start a Pinterest board and collect images that reflect what you do and resonate with your ideal client. This way you are building the picture for your shoot, which will also make it easier when it comes to looking for a brand photographer and showing them your vision.

3. The Right Brand Photographer for you

If you have done the first 2 steps, you are going to know how you want your brand to be perceived, what your style is, your goals and your overall vision. This will make it so much easier when looking for the right brand photographer for you!

Is your brand light and airy? Then investigate photographers with that style. Don't approach a photographer that creates dark and moody imagery, even if you love their work and are drawn to it. If it doesn't reflect your brand, you won't end up getting the right message across to your audience.

If you are in a particular niche, you may find their a brand photographers, that work with business owners in that niche. for example I work with both wedding industry suppliers as well as those working in the health, wellness and 'wild' sectors. These are both areas where I have a lot of experience and knowledge of the industry and therefore can offer a better service to my clients. These types of businesses align with my brand, which as you may already know is an outdoorsy, eco friendly brand, doing my best to look after both my own wellbeing and our planet. So brands in these secures are attracted to me, because thats what I put out there- does that make sense?! :)

So make sure you find someone who really gets YOU, your WHY and your GOAL!

4. Brand Board

Once you've found your photographer, it is really helpful to create a brand board. Not only will it help your photographer, but it will help you as well.

This should include your brand colours, and some visuals that show how you want the shoot to look like.

When it comes to your brand colours, really think about these as these need to come into play in a few different areas of your shoot.

5. Shot List

Alongside your brand board, you should create a shot list. Essentially a must have list of photos that you want to achieve on the day. Do you need to make sure there are several full length photos of you? Do you need some pictures of you doing a particular activity? If you are a yoga teacher, perhaps that would be you in different poses. If you are a wedding florist, then perhaps thats you at work in your workshop. Do you need some flatly created? If so what of? Really think about the types of images you need and where they will be used. Then put them together in your shot list and discuss them with your photographer.

This will ensure you get what you need from the shoot. It will also get you thinking about what you actually need from your content.

6. Location and Props

Now that you have your must have list of shots put together. You need to work out how you will achieve them. Your photographer should have some good suggestions, but it is good to have input as well. Where are places you regularly work? would they be good locations? Any great coffee shops, that reflect your brand? Do you want the whole shoot to take place in your studio or across several locations all near by? When putting this picture together, make sure you always have your brand in mind. The colours and style are key. You don't want to be standing in front of a bright red door, when your brand is neutral pastel tones for example! Don't take photos in a industrial style building, if you brand evokes rustic charm. you get the picture!

When it comes to props, there may be a few things that make you, you! Do you love coffee, are you a matcha tea drinker? Then make sure you incorporate these sorts of props in your shoot as they will resonate with your audience. Especially if they know you for it! Again, remembering brand colours and style at all times.

7. Get The Look

Last but by no means least, you need to think about you! How do you want to come across in your photos? Think about what you are going to wear. Have several outfits picked out, as this opens up your content options. Make sure they all reflect your style and brand, so colours and style are key.

Will you have a professional do your hair and make up for your shoot?

So there you have it. 7 ways to prepare for you brand shoot.

Mindy x



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