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8 Reasons to have a Videographer at your Wedding

So you have picked your wedding photographer, and now you are wondering, 'do I need a videographer as well?

This is a question that my clients always ask me. Do I really need a videographer at my wedding? Is it just an extra expense? Can I get away with just having a photographer.

Of course you can get away with just having a wedding photographer! However, I think you are missing out on all the amazing benefits you will get from having someone video your wedding.

Wedding photography is important! It gives you beautiful, hi resolution stills from your wedding day that you can frame, put on your wall, or in a wedding album. Videography cannot offer this.

However, having a wedding videographer will ensure you remember how you felt that day, what your families voices sounded like when they made a speech about how proud they are of you, and the emotion on your partners face when they first saw you at the end of the aisle.

Here are my top 8 reasons to have a videographer at your wedding...

Re-live your perfect day again…and again…and again

When emotions run high, and the nerves set, people tend to forget how they felt and what people said, and lots of other little, but important details.

I have heard this time and time again from my couples, that during the wedding ceremony or speeches, they forget what was said and wish they could watch it back. Having a wedding videographer means you can do just this. You can be in the moment, enjoy being present and watch it back later if you missed any parts without worrying about taking it all in on that one very important day.

They can be discreet

One of the main factors my clients worry about when booking a videographer, is that there will be too many cameras in their face and it will look staged. There are so many wonderful videographers out there who video from a distance in a very natural and relaxed fashion. In fact, you may not even notice that they are there. You will be surprised at the incredible, intimate footage that they will capture for you from afar of your wedding day. I have an incredible list of suppliers I work with and proudly recommend who do just this.

Length of Video

Am I going to get a 6 hour video that I will never watch?

No. Videographers film so much footage. Far more than photographers normally. However, they are experts in cutting the footage down to beautiful key moments that you can watch back when you choose. Every videographer will offer a different result from their video. So make sure you have the conversion with your videographer about what you will receive at the end.

Lots of videographers I work with offer a short teaser for social media, a 20 minute video and then full speeches and ceremony if this has been agreed.

Guests that Couldnt Make it

It is not uncommon for a few people to not be able to make the wedding. Whether this is due to sickness, travel or just general life.

This is bound to be very upsetting for both parties, but if you have a videographer at your wedding then you can always share the video with them once it is ready, so they can also feel as though they were there with you.

A keepsake for your future children

We all love to watch our parents wedding videos back, right?!

Seeing a much younger version of our parents when they were in love is such a wonderful thing to experience. I love seeing the different fashion styles, quality of film and friends and family of my parents.

My parents aren't even together anymore, however, seeing their wedding photos and video brings me much joy to see when they were a strong unit together.

Capturing the real emotion

There are numerous parts of a wedding day when emotions can run high; from the father of the bride seeing his daughter all dressed up, to walking down the aisle and more than likely, the speeches during the evening banquet. Having these emotions captured on film will be forever sentimental to look back on.

One of my personal favourite moments to see is when the father of the bride, sees his daughter for the first time.

No regrets

This is the only part of my clients weddings that they ever say they have regretted. Everyone of them says they wished they had booked a videographer, so they could enjoy re-living their wonderful day. Take me word for it, you won't regret booking a wedding photographer.

Make sure you choose someone who is right for you, you love their style and enjoy their company too. It's also always worth asking your photographer for recommendations. If they enjoy working together, the chances are their styles will be very similar.

It Doesn't Have to be staged

In my opinion wedding videos should be filmed naturally. With a documentary style. They don't need to pose you throughout the day. You can enjoy the day with your friends and family and allow them to capture the energy and emotion throughout. You will see all the wonderful moments unfold of your friends having a wonderful time. You can't be everywhere on your wedding day, so let your photographer and videographer work as a team to bring you something amazing to look back on for years and years to come.

I really hope this has been helpful in your decision making when deciding whether to have a wedding videographer or not. Please drop me an email here to receive all my favourite suppliers to work with.

8 Reasons to have a Wedding Videographer


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