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A Rainy Lake District Elopement

As I looked out the window in the early hours I could only laugh as the rain poured down like it was going out of fashion. However, the next two days were going to be amazing regardless of the weather as today I was off to Windermere to shoot a two day Lake District elopement. My plan was a pre wedding photo shoot in the mountains, followed by the wedding day where I would capture the couple’s magical secret vows!

Lake District VW Split screen camper elopement

Lake District VW split screen elopement

As this was an Autumn elopement, we could only expect some surprises from the sky. True to typical Cumbrian weather it did rain, for the whole two days! The rain didn’t prevent Abe and Roy from having a tear jerking, laughter filled and romantic time. As they perched in the VW split screen camper van they had hired for the day, they sat hand in hand in the driver’s seat laughing and smiling the entire time, as I got soaked! My trusty sidekick Wolfie ran around in his element as he lapped up the puddles and ran circles round me.

The shoot was such a joy to capture as Abe and Roy were up for anything and embraced every moment (my kind of couple). As a wild swimmer myself, plunging into the chilly Autumn water is still a shock to me, so for the novice it was apparent how brave Abe and Roy both truly were. Their bravery paid off as the frames we captured were amazing! When the pre wedding shoot was over, we made our way to the Gilpin Hotel , a stunning venue on Lake Windermere, where Abe and Roy were staying for their ceremony the following morning.