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An Eco, Organic, Lake District Elopement, Wedding

Three years ago, before I had any idea that I might be living in the Lake District, I put together an incredible team of wedding suppliers and created a styled shoot of my dreams from all over the country. This was the first styled shoot that I have ever put together myself and it was everything I could have hoped for.

Our goal was to create a beautiful, sustainable and eco friendly mountain elopement photoshoot in the Lake District, England. And that is just what we did!

Our shoot was featured with Boho Weddings a few months after we shot it. You can also check out their article here.

I absolutely love photographing weddings. The excitement, the love and the joy. I get to soak up all the feels and being the empath that I am... well I certainly do!

However, unfortunately with a lot of weddings comes a lot of WASTE!

This doesn't need to be the case and if I'm being entirely honest with you, I think it has got a little out of hand. The importance of why the day is happening can sometimes get over shadowed by showy things. These things can cause stress, waste and quite frankly cost a lot of money. We wanted to create something beautiful as an example of what you can create without lots of money, lots of waste and a huge emphasis on the raw beauty of nature and your surroundings.

We based our mountain elopement at the most beautiful place I have ever stayed in the UK. Edenhall Estate's log cabin on the river Eden. A beautifully crafted log cabin, right by a stream with nothing to see other than wildlife and the the sounds of water running by. They also happen to have a stunning Wedding Venue Barn on site called High Barn.

Bride and Groom standing at log cabin on wedding day cumrbia
Edenhall Estate Wedding

The Dress was made from milk fibres, a technique used in the war time and was unbelievably soft. This allowed the dressed to be picked up in the wind to create dramatic shots on the mountain top scene at Buttermere, Lake District, Cumbria. Our jewellery was ethically sourced amethyst and other precious crystal wedding jewellery designed by Sophie at Ikigai Apparel. Melissa Oldridge used only natural and vegan hair and make up products in all the flowers and all our wild flowers were sourced from a local eco friendly supplier and some foliage foraged ethically and with permission from the owner of the local area.

Our ceremony space was a Tipi made with foraged sticks in the woods, set right next to the River Eden for a serene and intimate wedding ceremony set up. The table was styled with foraged moss, flowers and vegetables. Raw beetroot was hung from the ceiling to create a magical woodland feel amongst beeswax tea light candels. The organic cotton napkins were died with wild blueberries and complimented with brass Fox and Ivy silverware.

I hope this styled shoot might show an example of how a beautiful wedding can be pulled together with minimal impact on our environment. Created for the Wild, Eco conscious couples who want to focus their weddings on love, adventure and the raw natural environment around them.



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