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How I kept Super Busy and Motivated in Lockdown

Oh well hey there! Reading this in your PJ's, or your yoga pants? That is totally OK! I've been there. BUT...I am here telling you how I have kept myself motivated in lockdown.

Now don't get me wrong, I've had those days sat on the sofa watching Disney Plus and eating my bodyweight in white bread, BUT it did NOT make me feel good at all. When I first heard that word 'Lockdown', I went from feeling slightly excited for having some time to get my shizzle together to the realisation that all my bookings were dropping off the calendar and I was soon to be penniless. That's right penniless! After building a business for 14 years, working my little butt off and feeling proud to be earning a living from something a love, all of a sudden it all vanished. So what did I do? I cried! Yup thats it, I just sat on the sofa and cried into a pillow. And you know what?! That's ok! I needed that energy release and I felt a whole lot better after I had let it all out.

I went through all my bills and axed anything I didn't need which saved me £800 a year. WTF!!! And then I realised this could be exciting! I could do some of the things I have always wanted to do. I could start teaching yoga online (I'm also a yoga teacher you know), I could start sharing my beautiful doTERRA essential oils with the world and I could get my bloomin ducks in a row with all the photography business shizzle that I have always wanted to sort out! Taxes, email lists, website updates...finally I had time!! However suddenly I realised I had a LOT to do. But I was excited, so I devised a plan to have some sort of structure to my day.

Structuring your day