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My FREE Guide on Planning your First Brand Shoot

Now is the time to be streamlining your business and getting everything ready for one massive comeback when we are all able to work again.

I am SO excited that so many of you have been booking your branding shoots in with me.

The big C word has had one mahoosive hit on all our business' and it was almost enough to make us all lie in bed, crying and watching netflix whilst eating doughnuts for a full 8 weeks straight (Ok, so I may have done this for the first 2 days of lockdown...oops)

However, YOU still have that amazing skill and gift that the world needs, and I want to help you share it. is the time my friend, the time to focus, connect and build ourselves up to be even stronger than before. I'm going to be the one cheering for you all the way.

Having a brand photo shoot is absolutely vital to connecting with your target audience. We all want to see who we are buying from and have a connection with that person before a purchasing anything from them.

You may presume that your audience knows what you are like, knows your values or even what your services are. But where are you sharing this with them? Maybe once or twice on your social media? Studies show us that we need to be showing up 7 or 8 times before we even register on someones minds. WTF???

This makes brand shoots even more crucial. You are your brand!

Need a little extra help from a brand coach to find your brand voice? No problem. I've got that covered for you too.

I am so excited to be offering a brand new service with Lauren Goodman and Melissa Oldridge, to help put together the ultimate branding shoot.

With a 1.5 hour zoom call with Lauren to go over your Who, Why, Where and How, so that you can go into your shoot prepared. You'll then know how to action your brand after the shoot and use your images to get your brand and story out there.

Melissa will be onsite for your shoot to make you look and most importantly feel the part with your hair and makeup.

We are so excited to be launching this service at an introductory rate of £695. We believe that now is the time to buckle down on your businesses, so we are ready to emerge and grow with full force.

SO... I have created this awesome freebie for you to get your brand shoot planned and ready to come out of lockdown.

I am also giving away a whopping voucher towards booking your brand shoot with me. So get downloading that freebie below and submit the form back to me with all your awesome ideas.


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