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Reducing Chemicals in the home

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

So as you may have already sussed out, I am very passionate about living an eco-friendly life. I try to pull that through into my work and the clients I attract tend to have a passion for the same things as me.

So with that being said I thought I would do a monthly tip, for all my fellow eco brides and also health and wellness brands whom I work with.

So this month I am showing you how I have managed to reduce my chemicals in my home. In fact I don't have chemicals in my home!!

I use Method products because their ingredients all come from plants not chemicals. I love their ethos as well. But I also love to make my own!

Toilet Bombs Recipe

1 cup bicarbonate of soda 

1/4 cup citric acid

20 drops essential

1 tablespoon of natural washing up liquid. 

This recipe is not my own. I found it on Peace With The Wild and think it is fab!

You will need: 

Mixing bowl

Ice cube tray or silicone mould. 


  • Mix all the ingredients together in your bowl and press together

  • Then push them into the sections of your mould

  • Leave to dry out and set for approx 20 minutes

  • Pop them out and place them in a jar ready to use


No non recyclable plastic is used

No chemicals


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