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Stop. Get Outside. Reset

It's tip week and this week I want to talk about something that I do as part of my daily routine, that I personally think is vital to a healthy min and work, life balance!

Get Outside, Breathe, Be Present With Nature

Nowadays it is so easy to sit at our desks and work the day away. Especially as a freelancer. You may think that being a freelancer, working from home, can allow more freedom and offer more distractions. But from my experience it is so so easy to just keep going and not stop until late in the evening.

We are all so overstimulated nowadays in every area of our lives. We need to learn to switch off, stop and reconnect. For our own mental health!

That is why I got a dog!

I decided to get a dog, not only because I am an animal lover, but because I have to go out twice a day to walk him. It makes me take a break, it makes me switch off. It gives me headspace and a chance to reconnect.

Living in the Lake District is the most amazing place to reconnect with the outside. The phone signal is terrible up in the mountains, as you can imagine. But that's part of it's charm. I just get out twice a day, clear my mind, breathe in the fresh air and get to be outside in nature. My mental health is so much better for it. I also work so much better after having those times to just BE.

It's also when I have my best ideas!

So if you do anything this next week, take a small walk, calm your mind, get some fresh air and reset. Then continue to push yourself forward in life. you'll be better for it!

I'll be up in the mountains today, up here in The Lake District, getting that space and reconnect, before cracking on with life!

Mindy x


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