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The moment I released I was a Wedding Photography Mentor

In an instant—everything changed.

It was at the coffee shop around the corner, talking to a friend who had just launched her photography business, when it dawned on me. This wasn’t an option, it was a calling. An unshakable feeling down to the very last cell in my body that I had to share my passion for entrepreneurship with the world. I had no idea, in that moment, that my life would change forever. Or even more shockingly, just how much it would change…or that actually it had already changed.

Just like that, without even knowing it, I had created a community of amazing photographers who were living their dream...

...and I was so excited to see their journey through with them. I knew I had always loved being a photographer, but a teacher and mentor? I never knew I could even teach anything at all. Then I realised I had been teaching, and I was loving it. Over the 14 years I have been a photographer, I have trained almost 10 photographers from scratch and their business' are now thriving! Although this all makes me blush to say out loud, all these gorgeous photographers living their dream have thanked me for helping them through creating their business' but it was them who showed up everyday , did the hard work and are continuing to succeed.

So whilst I have something valuable to share with you, I'll keep on sharing because I love seeing you all do what you do best and glowing from it too!

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