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What would an Elopement Wedding look like in the UK mountains?

Eloping means running away in secret just the two of you to Vegas because your parents disapprove. Right?! NOPE!

Elopement weddings used to come packaged with shame, embarrassment or secrecy but that is not the case anymore. I'm here to tell you what eloping means to us!

An elopement wedding is an intimate and unique wedding, focused entirely around the couple, their love for one another and their favourite environment!

We believe an elopement wedding is a wedding without any pressure or traditions, no more than 28 guests and a super relaxed and enjoyable day.

You may have just realised that an elopement wedding is just what you are after! But what might that look like for you?

In short, an elopement wedding can be whatever you want it to be. It's about YOU, not traditions, not what parents/guests feel you should do. What makes the two of you feel whole and authentic.

"An elopement grants you the absolute freedom to commit your life to your partner however and wherever you choose."- Maddie Mae

Here is example of what an all day UK elopement wedding timeline in the Lake District might look like:

10am: Coffee and croissants in your eco log cabin looking over the river Eden. Maybe even a dip in the hot tub watching the birds in the forest. We love Edenhall Estates Log Cabin.

11:30am: Hair, Make up and time to get ready for your Wedding Ceremony.

1pm: 4x4 arrives to drive you to your outdoor ceremony on the mountain side where close friends and family await.

1:30: FUN group photos, nothing posey! Its all about the natural photos!

2pm: Couples shots! Woop! Short drive or hike through some of the most beautiful mountainous spots in the Lake District taking natural and fun pictures along the way.

4pm: Arrive back at your Outdoor/Tipi picnic with close friends and family. Huge BBQ, cushions on the floor. Your favourite food and drinks. Maybe your guests even all bring a picnic.

6pm: Dancing and campfires under the stars!

How perfect does this sound?!

Now go and design what your perfect day might look like! There is no right or wrong!

I'd love to hear your plans.

Mindy x

elopement wedding in the lake district


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