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Natural Family and Newborn Portraits for the Playful and

Adventurous Families 

Newborn Photoshoot


This is a very special part of my job. Coming into your home and capturing this new and exciting chapter for my clients Is beyond humbling. I understand how fragile these first weeks can be.


You are on an Enormous adventure.


You've had family visiting, emotions galore and a wonderful new person to integrate into your lives. This is why I come to you in the comfort of your own home and use natural light to capture you and your baby. I use gifts that have been given to you and your home as the backdrop to make this experience as personal as possible.

I'll  have a chat with you before your shoot, find out how you are feeling, let you know what I plan to do and check that all feels right for you on that day. Some parents choose not to have their baby touched at this early stage, as that is what feels right for them. I want you to know that I completely respect your wishes but I am fully trained in this area so if you do wish to sit back, relax and have a cuppa (or a nap), your baby is completely safe with me during your photoshoot. 

I love to include siblings, pets and parents where possible, but please do let me know if this doesn't feel right for you. 

My family shoots are relaxed, candid and most of all F U N ! 

I like to shoot outside as much as possible, get the kids enjoying playing with leaves, climbing the trees and splashing in puddles. Why not! This makes for real smiles and beautiful family moments. 

No more pushing the kids to sit next to each other and grimace. My aim is to give them an experience which they will enjoy, as well as giving you gorgeous photos. 

Please don't worry about your kids "performing" for the camera. We want them to be themselves and let their unique personalities shine through! 


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