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A Lake District Proposal at Friars Crag, Keswick

It has been a very strange year for everyone, however, I have LOVED that it has not stopped anyone from getting engaged and starting their wedding plans for when celebrations open up again. Christmas time is the most magical time of the year and this year we even got a white Christmas in the Lake District. We are SO lucky!

Did you know that research shows that Christmas eve is the most popular date to pop the question?

I have been receiving heaps of Wedding enquiries and also some enquiries for proposals that will be going ahead over the next month or so in the Lake District. That's right ladies...some of you out there will be getting a very exciting mini-holiday planned for you which will end in the best question ever!!! This makes me so happy! I'm keeping hush about it so don't even ask!

The Lake District has become a popular place to get engaged due to its abundance of gorgeous hotels, breathtaking scenery and quiet time away from the cities so I thought I'd share a proposal I photographed back in August earlier this year at Friars Crag in Keswick. One of the most stunning stops for a proposal!

I worked alongside a fantastic international proposal co-ordination company called The Proposal Company who plan and coordinates marriage proposals across the globe. If you are thinking of planning a proposal but aren't sure where to start then give them a shout. They will be sure to get you started and on the right track asap without missing anything!

The Proposal Company organised for me to arrive in Keswick and keep an eye out for Joe and Danisha as they made their way to the Friars Crag, the spot that Joe had planned for the proposal to take place. I sneakily followed them along the trail and saw that they stopped to take some photos of the gorgeous Lake District scenery so I quickly dashed ahead to the Friars Crag bench and politely asked the walkers there to keep the bench free for the next 15 minutes so that Joe could pop the question to Danisha alone.

Friar's crag is an incredible place to propose which looks directly onto the stunning lake of Derwentwater with breathtaking views of the Lake District mountains in the distance. One of the most appealing aspects of this proposal spot is that you don't have to walk far to it. It is little effort for an absolutely epic view. However, one thing to consider is that it can get very busy here. So either prepare to be amongst lots of tourists or have your photographer (oh hey there!) run ahead and clear the space for you if they can. That or go outside of peak season and definitely NOT on a weekend.

I hid in the trees, pretending to be a very keen tourist with my gigantic camera. Hehe. And kept my eye on Danisha and Joe. When Joe got down on one knee and popped the question. I made sure I was in the prime position to get some gorgeous photos of this very special moment.

Man Proposing in the lake District in Keswick

Woman looking at ring with Man Proposing in the lake District in Keswick

man proposing

woman hugging man after proposal

Following Joe's big moment and after giving them a little time to be present, we made the most of the views and empty space and captured heaps more photos for them, whilst having a lot of fun on the shoreline of the Lake.

I couldn't wait to get back to edit the photos for Joe and Danisha so that they would have some photos to share their exciting news with friends and family straight away.

If you are considering proposing in the Lake District and would like a discreet photographer to come and capture the moment for you, then give me a shout. Having lived in the Lake District for almost 2 years, I have checked out a whole heap of amazing Lake District engagement spots and I'd love to help and advise you on some of the most perfect places for you in the Lake District to get engaged.

Mindy x

Couple at Friars Crag Lake District

Man putting on engagement ring

Keswick Friars Crag Proposal in the Lake District

Friars Crag Bench Lake District
Friars Crag Bench, Keswick Lake District


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