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Questions to ask your Wedding Photographer before Booking

Where do you start when looking for a wedding photographer?

This might be the first time you are in need of a professional wedding photographer. Do you meet your photographer first? Should you set up meetings with multiple photographers?Are there questions you should ask your photographer?

Yes,Yes, and 100% YES!

I always suggest meeting with your potential photographer before you book them. You need to make sure that they are the right photographer for you, and vice versa. This person is going to be with you all day at your wedding, and at some of the most intimate points. You must feel comfortable with them. If you can't meet with them then video call is the next best thing. You'll be able to gauge if you click better this way, than on a phone call, or over email.

Set up multiple meetings with the photographers you like (maybe 2-3) and have a list of questions ready, to ask them.

Questions to ask a Wedding Photographer<