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Why I became a Yoga Teacher

So a year ago today I took a little time out from photography and head over to Costa Rica for a month.

Being a photographer is such a rewarding job. Im am so passionate about it and I always give 110% to any shoot I am doing. But it can be super busy and I don't say 'no' very often, Which can mean that my own wellbeing can suffer. So last year I decided to take some time for myself and I flew over to Nosara in Costa Rica for a 1 month trip to study and become a yoga teacher!

The beginning on the year is the best time for me to take a little time out as weddings tend to be quieter, so it was the perfect opportunity. That and the fact it is something I have always wanted to do and I finally got round to putting some time aside to do it. Finding time for you is key, because life can just run away with us and before we know it we've been talking about something for years and not acting on it!