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Meet The Team


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I am so very excited to introduce my team to you. Having been a photographer for 14+ years. I have triained lots of second shooters. All if those have now become professional Wedding photographers with their own business'. 

As my business grew, I found myself getting enquires for the same dates a lot. This is why I chose to develop an amazing team who can shoot in my style on dates when I might already be booked. 


I found that there aren't lots of photographers out there that love everything about weddings as much as I do. So I only take on the people that whole heartedly love this  job. 


If you choose to have one of my team on your wedding day, I will organise everything with you before they photograph your wedding exactly as I would, and then send your beautiful RAW files back to me to be polished in our authentic Mindy Coe Photography style.

The wonderful team below have a wealth of experience photographing weddings. Although it will be me that plans out your photography with you. you will have a chance to either meet with them or have a zoom chat prior to the wedding. 

They are all as crazy as me

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Meet Meg

Meet Chloe

Meet Cat


Meet Lauren

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