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7 Tips For An Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Outdoor ceremonies are my jam! I absolutely love them. Being outside, with incredible views, taking it back to nature and being in the wild. There's some magical about it that really does excite me!

If you're thinking about having an outdoor ceremony, then here are my 7 tips to consider when planning, so that you can make it even more amazing!

1. Footwear

Consider your footwear if having an outdoor ceremony. Is there a paved area that you will be walking down? Or is it grass, stones or uneven ground? If so are stilettos the right choice? A couple of options would be to consider having a chunky heel to avoid sinking into any grass, or you can get those little clips that pop onto the bottom of your stiletto to stop you sinking in. Alternatively why not opt for some cool trainers, or really be one with nature and go bare foot!

2. Tell People

Give your guests a heads up. By letting them know in the invites that you plan on having an outdoor ceremony, they can equip themselves appropriately. Especially if you want to have it outdoors no matter the weather.

3. Seating

If you are getting married in a slightly chillier month, you may want to provide guests with blankets on each of their chairs. Are you going for chairs or benches? What will sit steady on an uneven surface? If you decide to go for hay bales, consider having a cover on it. I have seen too many guests get up with wet bottoms after sitting on hay bales for an outdoor ceremony.

4. Wind

Choosing to get married outside, can mean you are out with the elements. They can however create some absolutely epic photos! If it is forecast to be windy, consider you're decor. Does it need to be tied down? Do you need to consider a lapel microphone so that guests can hear you? Sound can get thrown in the wind. Consider something that can come to life in the wind, such as tying ribbons to trees.

5. Confetti