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The most epic 'Would have Been Wedding Day'

Lockdown has sent 30+ of my 2020 wedding bookings into 2021, with some sadly having been cancelled altogether. Couples have clung on for good news, but most have pushed their dream wedding day into 2021, and in some cases even 2022.

I know this has been extremely frustrating and heartbreaking for many...but...

Have you thought about how you could turn your original wedding date into the most beautiful day?

My gorgeous friends Kayte and Jonathan did just that. After getting engaged on Christmas day 2019, they had initially decided on a short engagement, and to plan their wedding for the following Summer. You can only imagine their disappointment at having to postpone their wedding date a whole year.

They could have sat at home and felt sad on the lead up to their original wedding date, imagining what they would have been doing at that time if the circumstances were different.

However, with just 6 weeks until their "would have been wedding day", Kayte and Jonathan decided that they would celebrate. They would celebrate their love, surround themselves with people that love them, and do all the things that make them most happy. This was still a date to be enjoyed.

The idea had been born and I was thrilled that my gorgeous friend of 9 years asked me to photograph the day for her, as well as be a celebrant for this intimate blessing. Which would take place on the most idyllic eco campsite on a farm at Howgills Hideaway .

Kayte and Jonathon chose 6 of their closest friends to party away the 'Would have been Wedding Day'. This down to earth, outdoor, boho blessing could not have been more perfect.

We all arrived and gathered for a celebratory glass of bubbles at Kayte and Jonathon's eco pod to kick the day off. Followed by the girls heading to our own space to get ready and have an impromptu 1 hour hen do whilst we got ready.

The boys...well they continued to polish off the bubbles and then met us on the bridge. Which lead to where the blessing would take place (dodging the splodges of mud along the way). Kayte exquisitely braved the muddy farm path in a pair of very high heals... ones that would have most certainty sent me flying face first into a pile of farm sludge.

The blessing took place on the hill top in front of the most stunning petrified tree trunk, which marked the most perfect alter for their heartfelt vows to be made. Kayte's talented friend Liz at Samphire Studios made Kayte the most stunning macrame backdrop, embellished with rose quartz (the stone of unconditional love) to hang from the tree.

Surrounded by nothing but the sounds of the stream trickling through the field, the soft whistle of wind and birds in the sky, we begun the blessing. We even got the sun breaking through the clouds to top off this utterly perfect and intimate ceremony.

Knowing my gorgeous friend Kayte Oh so well, I decided to open the blessing with the words of Joey from Friends

"We are gathered here today on this joyous occasion to celebrate the special love that Kayte and Jonathan share.

        [Kayte is starting to look like I've got the wrong end of the stick with this informal, relaxed blessing]

It is a love based on giving and receiving as well as having and sharing. And the love that they give and have is shared and received. And through this having and giving and sharing and receiving, we too can share and love and have... and receive."

With Kayte being a total friends nut, I knew this would go down well and of course the two of them burst out laughing. I followed with a few words about how happy I am that they have found each other and that although this should have been their legal ceremony, that this day was one to enjoy and celebrate, and that next year we would party harder than ever before.

After Jonathon and Kayte had made their vows to one another, we all sat on a picnic blanket, popping Moet and telling stories of how we knew the bride and groom to be. Following this, we all went for a gigantic and delicious BBQ, the food locally supplied by Howgills themselves. Then a whole heap of games including wheel barrow races, egg and spoon, and some very questionable hula hooping.

I cannot tell you how much we all laughed on this day. It was unforgettable. Kayte and Jonathon celebrated in a way that was whole heartedly them. They surrounded themselves with people that love and support them, they chose a gorgeous laid back venue which oozed boho and eco vibes, and games which they knew we would all love. We even got rained on during our egg and spoon race, but even that couldn't have put a dampener on this day.

So however you choose to celebrate your 'Would have been wedding day". Make sure you enjoy it. Make sure you talk together about all the things you love, surround yourselves with people that support you, and enjoy a day which most definitely is still worth celebrating.

The day has also been featured in Wonderful Wirral Weddings. Head over there to read more on Kayte and Jonathon's romantic love story.

Until next year...


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