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How To Create A Story With Your Brand Shoot

This weeks blog post is a guest piece from Lauren Goodman, owner of Bluebird Creative and Bride Academy. Having created 2 successful businesses and learnt about online presence, creating a brand that people engage with and can relate to has been the key to her success...............

So you're thinking of having a brand shoot...... but have you thought about why? And what?

Why do you want to do a brand shoot? It shouldn't just be because you need photos of your product or yourself., it should go beyond that.

Let's talk about your story. I believe being a business is about telling your story, especially if you are in the small creative business industry. Connecting with people on a personal level and building your know, like and trust factor is key to creating an engaged audience.

Before having your shoot go through these questions with yourself to help build your story, so that you are fully prepared for your brand shoot: