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How To Create A Story With Your Brand Shoot

This weeks blog post is a guest piece from Lauren Goodman, owner of Bluebird Creative and Bride Academy. Having created 2 successful businesses and learnt about online presence, creating a brand that people engage with and can relate to has been the key to her success...............

So you're thinking of having a brand shoot...... but have you thought about why? And what?

Why do you want to do a brand shoot? It shouldn't just be because you need photos of your product or yourself., it should go beyond that.

Let's talk about your story. I believe being a business is about telling your story, especially if you are in the small creative business industry. Connecting with people on a personal level and building your know, like and trust factor is key to creating an engaged audience.

Before having your shoot go through these questions with yourself to help build your story, so that you are fully prepared for your brand shoot:


Who are you as a brand and as a person. Perhaps they are one and the same? What brought you to starting your business? What are your passions and beliefs? What is your business about and why is that so important to you? Make it personal and relatable.


Why do you do what you do? Why do you need to have a shoot? What do you want to get from the shoot?


Where do you want to be? Where do you want your business to get too. This all becomes part of how you will put yourself out there, how you will create your full brand experience and story.


How will you show the world who you are and what makes you unique? How will you use your images to get your story and brand out there?

Without thinking these stages through you will not create the right images for your brand. By knowing exactly who you are and your story, you can create a shoot that will put that out to the world. You can ensure that you have the right images for the ways in which you plan on telling the world who you are. You will know which platforms you will use and there for the types of images you will need to attract them.

Once you have answered these questions. Create your storyboard for the shoot. Include your answers, then your brand colours and it will really pin down, what you want and need to get out of your brand shoot. Your photographer can then ensure you get everything you need to help push your business forward.

I am so excited to be offer a brand new service with Mindy Coe Photography and Melissa Oldridge, to help put together the ultimate branding shoot.

Wit a 1.5 hour zoom call with myself to go over your Who, Why, Where and How, so that you can go into your shoot prepared. You'll then know how to action your brand after the shoot and use your images to get your brand and story out there.

Melissa will be onsite for your shoot to make you look and most importantly feel the part with your hair and makeup.

And Mindy will of course work her magic, capture the essence of your brand and have even better direction from the pre shoot work we would have done.

We are so excited to be launching this service at an introductory rate of £695. We believe that now is the time to buckle down on your businesses, so we are ready to emerge and grow with full force.

Lauren x



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