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Launch Date is HERE! Becoming a Doterra Essential Oil Wellness Advocate

Updated: May 24, 2020

Finally the day has come when Mindy Coe Photography merges from organic, natural light photographer, to yoga teacher, and finally to DOTERRA WELLNESS ADVOCATE. Yippee!

So... what does this mean? What is Doterra? Well, I shall tell you lovely friends...

Doterra is THE purest and MOST ethical, essential oil company the world has ever seen.

Did you know that not all essential oils are pure? Did you know they aren't all organic? Neither did I, it turns out that lots of them are mixed with all kinda nasties that you do not want to be putting on your skin or diffusing into your air.

Doterra isn't just pure enough for you to rub all over yourself safely, but you can actually cook with them, drop them straight onto your tongue or even pop a little drop in your coffee.