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Lockdown Virtual Newborn Photo Shoot

Are you due to have your baby within the next few weeks or months? Have you got your newborn photo shoot booked with a photographer and are not sure if it will go ahead?

This is a common problem I'm hearing at the moment. You are having your little baby amongst all this craziest. Although it is a nice time to stay inside and be with each other, there might have been things you had always dreamed about having. Such as a newborn photo shoot which is now starting to look highly unlikely.

Virtual Lockdown Newborn Photo Shoot from Coronavirus.
Virtual Newborn Photo Shoot

Well, I have news for you! There IS something you can do about it.

This week I did my first ever Virtual Newborn Photo Shoot with Carolyn and Jason and gorgeous little 2 week old Lily.

Carolyn and Jason had a newborn session booked in which had to be cancelled due to Covid-19.

So, what is a 'Virtual Newborn Photo Shoot'?

1) Facetime call with me prior to the shoot where I will take you through all the settings on your camera to make sure we get optimum results.

2) A walk through of your home, so I can look at the light and point out all the best spots for the photos to take place.

3) 1 Hour with me on facetime where I will talk you through posing your newborn baby, what angle to take the photo from and where the light is best.

4) A little homework from you. Continuing your photo shoot the pointers I have given you in your own time.

5) You send me all the RAW, Hi Res photos.

6) I edit all the best photos in Mindy Coe Photography style

7) You get a password protected gallery where you can download all your beautifully finished photos.

Do I need an SLR camera for this session?

No. However, It does help to achieve a higher quality finish. However, we can absolutely still get fantastic photos without one. Even phone cameras work incredibly well these days.

See the photos below for photos from my first virtual newborn session this week. They were taken on a mixture of Carolyn and Jason's camera and phone.

I am so pleased with the results for Carolyn and Jason. They were over the moon to be able to capture something so personal where they might have not had anything at all. They can also now take the skills I taught them on to photographing little Lily as she grows up.

Thanks Carolyn and Jason for being brave and being the first people to test out this service!

Want to enquire about this service?

Head over to my Contact Me page or give me a call. I'd love to tell you all about it.

"We had a great time capturing photos with Mindy's guidance. It was a bit challenging at times but with Mindy being on the other end of the phone we were reassured we were doing a good job. Mindy made it all very easy and the instructions were really clear .

We are over the moon with the photos and would definitely recommend the virtual coaching. We were disappointed when our original shoot was cancelled but extremely happy when we saw Mindy was doing the virtual coaching. She made the process really enjoyable and having the hands on experience made it even more memorable. Something to add to our little scrapbook of memories for when Lily is older. "

- Carolyn and Jason


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